Egg Shop


Eggs. Honestly, one of my most favorite things to eat. Let me clarify though, I don’t like yolks (shhhh I don’t want to hear it, and no, it has nothing to do with cholesterol), so, egg whites. I love egg whites. Regardless, you can pretty much get just the whites anywhere, so, a place that pays total homage to the egg definitely pulled me in. I went to Egg Shop in NoLIta for lunch. 


The restaurant itself is small and quaint, but, has one of my most favorite things, an open kitchen, which, is also small and quaint. What isn’t small is the flavor of the food. Yes, it’s called EGG Shop, and leave it to me to order things that are not focused on eggs. Either way, I was totally pleased with my decisions and loved it all. To start, I had their Hashbrowns. These were almost more of a hybrid of a hashbrown meets a deep fried mashed potato cake. Basically, it was golden brown potato deliciousness, with just the perfect amount of sea salt sprinkled on top. It 100% can be eaten on its own, or, you can pair it with their housemade ketchup for a winning combination. 


For my meal I ordered the Fish Out Of Water (smoked salmon, picked egg, cucumber, fresh dill, caperberry mustard, rye). This sandwich was amazing. And, see? There’s still some egg in there. This generously portioned smoked salmon sandwich was so well thought out and packed with flavor. The salmon is fresh and delicious, and paired with a great pickled egg. The cucumber adds a nice crunch, and the dill a fresh herby touch, but the caperberry mustard is kind of everything. The saltiness, tang, and subtle spicy zing from the mustard really compliment the other ingredients and add a really wonderful texture. 

The Shorts:
Name: Egg Shop
Location: 151 Elizabeth Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Definitely. And next time, for a true egg dish. But I’d certainly order the Fish Out Of Water all over again. 
Would I recommend it? Yes. Especially if you like eggs. They have a dinner menu as well, so, I’ll need to check that out soon too. 


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