El Toro Blanco


If you’re as into margaritas and Mexican cuisine as I am, then you should check out El Toro Blanco in the West Village. 


Chic, cozy, and with a bit of dimly lit sass, this restaurant is taking their margaritas pretty seriously. And a good thing too, because I surely do love a margarita. I sat at the bar, mainly for drinks, and a snack to go with it. 


I ordered the El Toro (el jimador blanco, lime, agave, orange), and had them add in some habanero for spice. This margarita on the rocks has a great taste, smooth, and an excellent heat. A drink that cools you off and warms you up at the same time. 


Then, you have to order their Guacamole, made fresh to order with warm chips and a trio of salsas. The chips are warm, fresh and have an awesome crunch. The guac is equally as fresh, with a great texture added from the chopped pieces of tomato and avocado. 

The Shorts:
Name: El Toro Blanco
Location: 257 6TH Avenue, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? For sure. Next time, I’m ordering dinner, which I’m sure will be equally as awesome.
Would I recommend it? Yes. I’d recommend making a reservation, they tend to get filled up and have a wait. 


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