Chi’Lantro BBQ


My SXSW food tour continues at Chi’Lantro BBQ in Downtown Austin. This highly popular food truck is making Korean BBQ and Mexican Fusion Tacos.


I ordered their Tofu Tacos (soft, double-layered corn tortillas, soy vinaigrette Korean salad, cilantro, onion, Chi’Lantro salsa). These are some totally tasty tacos. The tofu is cubed and fried, giving it a great crisp outside and soft inside, absorbing the flavors from the soy vinaigrette and salsa like a little soy sponge. The salsa is great, spicy, and is complimented by the freshness of the salad and cilantro. 

The Shorts:
Name: Chi’Lantro BBQ
Location: Location changes, you can check where they’ll be here.
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Absolutely, I’ve actually gone the three times I’ve been to Austin.
Would I recommend it? Yes, the Kimchi Fries are also something to try and the Seoul Burrito is pretty unreal. 


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