Bantam Bagels

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I checked out Bantam Bagels in the West Village. This little shop houses a wide variety of bagel balls? Bagel holes? Let’s just go with Bantams. 

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Started by a couple of former Wall Streeters, the idea of Bantam came in a dream…seriously. So, the idea of creating a bite sized bagel, complete with cream cheese, butter, or unique spread inside, came to fruition. They’re small enough (about the same size as a donut hole), so you can try lots of different ones. And at just over $1 per Bantam, you can try a whole lot.

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They have both sweet and savory Bantams. I tried Everybody’s Favorite (everything bagel filled with freshly chopped vegetable cream cheese), Grandma JoJo (Italian spiced bagel topped with thinly sliced, marinated tomato, filled with fresh basil pesto cream cheese), and Apple Pie, the flavor of the month, (cinnamon nutmeg bagel filled with sweet vanilla caramel apple cream cheese). 

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These are so amazing. At the store, they offer to toast them for you there, or, you can take them to go. I started with Everybody’s Favorite…well, because…it’s Everybody’s Favorite? The outside was crisp and crunchy and perfectly soft and doughy on the inside. The veggie cream cheese had fresh tiny pieces of vegetables in it and the spread itself was silky with great flavor. 

The Shorts:
Name: Bantam Bagels
Location: 283 Bleecker Street, NYC
The Long and Short: Would I go back? Absolutely. These are a great snack on the go, or breakfast to start the day!
Would I recommend it? Definitely! 


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